After receiving a call regarding a severely injured dog our volunteers rushed out right away to look for him. As it got dark and the area was difficult to search they decided to regroup early the next morning. Searching for hours, talking to many residents, still nothing, the poor creature was nowhere to be found. They did, however, encounter huge amounts of dead dogs, severely injured, emaciated, mangey, sickly dogs.

Fortuno was one of them. Seems he had been walking with a head/face/jaw injury for at least 2 weeks and the stench of infection was enough to turn any well seasoned rescuers stomach.
He was easily secured and transported to the clinic immediately. He was put on a drip and given heavy painkillers and antibiotics. Time will tell if he will recover. We will be there for him and with him all the way. He is getting the best care and we are so grateful for our dedicated fosters.

We cannot wrap our heads around this ongoing epidemic of abuse, neglect, lack of empathy and compassion. This MUST be dealt with on official government level !!

We are still looking for the first injured dog as well 😰

Please help us.
This is way too much to handle for a small group of volunteers, no government subsidies, just the trust and support from all you kind and concerned friends and followers. We hate to beg, but we must.

Please donate for Fortuna via :
MCB 21199501
Banco di Caribe : 301647
Paypal :
Tikkie (NL) :

Please send positive thoughts to sweet Fortuno 🙏

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