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Today not a doggy but a kitty cat 🐱. “Kitty” is gorgeous and very affectionate. This beautiful cat is spayed and ready for adoption. She’s super vocal and so funny. Looking for a cute kitty ?

Email us at carf.adoption@gmail.com.

Please help us continue our efforts to provide a better life and future for the dogs and cats of Curacao. And to diminish many unwanted births, suffering, cruelty and neglect !

If you are willing to make a contribution – no matter the amount – towards the vetting expenses please do. Each cat spay is Florin 120 (US$ 70 and Euro 60 approx). Please go to :

MCB 21199501
Paypal : stichtingcarf@gmail.com

Thank you to the lovely and compassionate team of Vets and Techs at the Claus Clinic for accommodating Kitty so quickly.

Miauw 💙

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