#anotherdayanotherspay #sponsoraspay 🐾🐾

We have a list of females we are in the process of spaying, sparing hundreds and thousands of unwanted pups being born to a miserable and cruel existence of suffering, fear, disease and starvation.

Hopefully some day we will live to witness an end to the epidemic of unwanted and discarded pets on this island. We receive NO government funding or subsidies and can really use your financial support to cover these indispensable veterinary expenses.

Each spay (including 5 days of pain medication) costs florin 150,00 (approx usd 85 and euro 75).

If you are able to sponsor a spay in full or even a partial amount of the cost please do !

Donation links can be found here : carfcuracao.com

It takes a village !

Thank you 🙏

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