Little did Henry know his lucky stars were shining on him when he was roaming around Komomo Beach. He was emaciated, covered in more ticks than we could imagine, anemic, and suffering from tick fever. Things were not looking good for him. But that was about to change…
Marion and Daniel were visiting from Germany, saw him roaming around, and wanted to help him. They contacted us and the rest is history. Yesterday, Henry took off to live his new life full of new adventures in Germany.

What do you do when your flight is delayed? Well, you hang out, check out the scenery, chat a little, nap for a while, and make some new friends. Henry was a true rockstar and took his role as ambassador for the resilient mondi dog very seriously.

Henry was the talk of the airport and we took the opportunity to teach this group of kids about properly caring for dogs, how to approach and pet dogs, how very important it is to spay and neuter and before we knew it we had to say auf wiedersehen to Henry.

Thank you John for kindly being his flight parent and looking after Henry so well. And thank you to his new loving and caring family for saving and adopting Henry. We could not be more proud of this special CARFIE and wish him and his new humans only the best!
Home, sweet home. We love you Henry!