You remember our Brazil puppies, right? We first learned about Adriana, Alessandra, Camila, Flavia, Francesco, Giselle, and Marlon in August this year, when one of our volunteers found them in the bushes behind their yard.
We named them after Brazilian top models, hence the name ‘Brazil pups’. The puppies were estimated to be only 4-5 weeks young when they were first found, so gladly momma dog was still in the picture to take care of them.

Our volunteers made sure the pups were monitored, fed and provided with deworming and vitamins. It took some time and devotion, but they quite rapidly turned into happy, energetic puppies.

Fast forward three months later, and they have all found their forever home and are now taken care of by their wonderful family members. Many thanks to those of you who opened your hearts and homes to these beauties. We wish all families nothing but the best. Beijos!

Talking about a happy ending! Puppy Alessandra was adopted but she didn’t leave CARF without taking her close friend Bob with her. We are so grateful these two are part of the same family now. Have a wonderful life, sweeties! 
Good news for Camila! This little teddy bear was the last puppy of the litter to move to her forever home, but it was worth the wait. Camila has been adopted by a loving couple who already have some dogs in their family. Camila has been accepted as one of them and is enjoying her new life to the fullest!
If there was ever a puppy with ‘puppy eyes’, it’s Flavia. This pretty lady is such a sweet and gentle dog, and with her gorgeous eyes she easily wins over the heart of everyone she meets. We’re so happy she has found her favorite human!
Francesco (new name Barney) hit the jackpot! He was adopted by a caring couple who has lots of experiences with dogs and who understand the care and attention they need. Barney also has not one, not two, but three furry friends, so he never has to feel bored or alone. 
They say dogs are a man’s best friend and we couldn’t agree more. Sweet Giselle (new name Luna) has found her new best friend and we couldn’t be happier for her. Dear Luna, we wish you a long life of happiness, exciting car rides, long walks with your humans and most of all, lots of love!
Look at our little Marlon (new name Litho) in his new, big family. He literally couldn’t have asked for more! Litho will always have someone to play with and we’re sure that he will get all the love and attention he needs and deserves.
We would like to thank all volunteers who took great care of the ‘Brazil pups’ when they were still recovering from their bad start in life. Special thanks goes out to the families who have adopted these puppies and are giving them a second chance at life. We wish you and your CARFIE(S) many happy years together 

(At this time, we have no pictures of Adriana with her family but we’re glad to announce that she was adopted – just like her siblings- and that she too is enjoying life in her new home with her new family.)