This month, two CARFIES found their forever home… in The Netherlands! On Monday, October 26th, both Bumper and Mila left the island to be with their new family 8,000km away from Curaçao. Ayo, sweethearts! Here is Bumper’s story.

CARFIE Bumper goes Holland

​Bumper joined the ever-growing CARF family in July this year. He was found stumbling the streets by two tourists. They took him to the vet and then reached out to us for help. His rescuers eventually had to leave the island to go back to The Netherlands. But they ensured us that they would adopt Bumper. They would fly him “home” as soon as we would decide that he was in good enough shape to fly.Well, Bumper’s patience was rewarded as he hit the jackpot with his new mommies! They had been waiting for him for months, so you can imagine how happy they were to finally be able to see and hold him in their arms again. Despite the cold weather, Bumper was very warmly welcomed at Schiphol. Not only did he receive a big ‘Welcome Home’ balloon, Bumper even had a TV crew waiting for him! Just a few minutes in the country, and our Bumpie is already a ‘Bekende Nederlander’ (Famous Dutchie).

Sweet Bumper, you had a rough start in life but now you have a wonderful home where you are loved. We hope you have many happy healthy years with your family