Inky is a one-year old dog who loves to cuddle. If you have an active lifestyle and enjoy outdoor activities than Inky might be the perfect dog for you, as she can turn any day into an adventure. Then again, we can also picture her snuggled up to the person who adopts her, happy and content in her forever home. 
​Inky is the last one from a litter born at our group location. Her siblings have all found their families but Inky is still patiently waiting for someone to come for her. She’s a favorite among our volunteers and we can’t understand why she hasn’t been adopted yet.

This is how one of our volunteers described her: “Inky is the best. She is well behaved and her personality is just as cute as her looks. She is friendly, affectionate and so happy around people. I always look forward to seeing her, but I would love to see Inky get adopted by a loving family.”

In short, Inky is a real special dog. She gets along great with people and other dogs, she loves to be petted and is very loyal. She thinks everything is fun and great. She is very friendly and calm. Inky is simply a lovely dog​​!

​​For more information about Inky or one of our other CARFIES, please feel free to contact us at We will reply to you at our earliest convenience.