Meet Jerry, another one of our adoptable senior dogs. Jerry (9 years old) is a rough diamond; he has quite some scars on his skin but on the inside he’s pure gold. He is super sweet and always up for a hug. Will you be his forever cuddle buddy?
Jerry listens very well and he is the best when it comes to walking off leash. He has been living with his foster family for a while where he enjoys spending time with both humans and dogs. However, a bit more one-on-one time with his human would be great for him. 

This is what Jerry’s foster mom had to say about him: “He may look tough, but all he wants to do is cuddle. Jerry is a mellow fella and I really hope we can find him a forever home where he gets all the love and attention he deserves. He is very sweet for those he trusts and he will protect them through thick and thin.”

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