Late March we received a message that a skinny and hairless dog was wandering around, right outside of the arrival hall at Hato. Two of our volunteers hurried to the airport and were able to catch her and bring her into safety. Ladies and gentleman, we present to you: Leda.
With a bad case of mange, Leda had lost almost all of her hair. Not only was she diagnosed as heartworm positive — something that could have easily been prevented, but also she was not microchipped. It was clear to us that Leda had been living on the streets for quite some time, or simply never had a home in the first place.

Looking into her eyes today, it’s clear to see that Leda is no longer the dog who was so frightened and confused. She has learned to love and trust people, and gets along great with other dogs. She loves carrying around her toys, and she is the biggest fan of belly rubs. She’s a small and calm dog who doesn’t ask for much, but who enjoys attention from her humans.

Because Leda was diagnosed with heartworm, it took some time before she was available for adoption. But the day is here, Leda is ready to meet and go home with her forever family.

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