Meet Marky. Marky joined the CARF Family a few days before New Year’s Eve. A time that should be filled with cheer, joy and family, but instead, for Marky, was filled with loneliness, confusion, and fear. Marky was abandoned when his owners moved and left him behind for reasons we will never understand.
After they left, Marky was living in the house by himself where he was being fed by the realtor. He spent his days waiting for his family, who never came back for him…

Marky was approximately one year old when we first met him, so he is around two years old today. He has been living with a loving foster family and a cat friend, but since they are on the island only temporarily, Marky will have to move again by October 1st.

Marky gets along well with children and cats, and loves to be around people.

There is quite some urgency to find Marky a new forever home, or foster home, before the end of September. Marky is looking for someone to call ‘family’, someone who will love him and never leave him. Are you that someone…?

​For more information about Marky or one of our other CARFIES, please feel free to contact us at We will reply to you at our earliest convenience.