Two years. That’s how long Boudino has been waiting for someone to come and take him home. We rescued Boudino as a puppy back in April 2017, together with his sisters Bruna and Bianca. Two years have passed and Boudino is still hoping that someday, someone will want to adopt him. 
We’re trying to figure out why Boudino is continuously overlooked.

​Is he not being adopted because of his size? Hmm, that can’t be it. Boudino is a pretty average Westpointer-size. Not too small, not too big ― he’s just right. 

Is it because of his age? At just over two years old, Boudino is sort of a goofy teenager and certainly in need of more training. But he doesn’t need as much time and attention as a young puppy. He is used to walking on a leash and he enjoys going for walks and dipping his toes in the water. At two years old, Boudino still has many years of love to give.

Could it be because he’s not the bravest dog in the world? Maybe ― Boudino is soft and gentle and he needs some time to get comfortable with new people. But as long as he’s given time and space to adjust to his new surroundings, we think he will make a wonderful pet.

Anyone interested in giving Boudino a second chance in life, please contact our adoption team by sending an email to We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about Boudino or set up a meet-and-greet so you can meet him in person. Of course, if you’re interested in one of our other CARFIES, we’d be happy to hear from you as well.


Boudino (September 2017)

Boudino (June 2017)

Boudino and his sibling Bianca (June 2017)