This week, we’re putting the adorable Ashti in the spotlight. Ashti is a 12-week old puppy, who was rescued together with her siblings. We know, we know, all puppies are cute, but… Ashti might just be one of the cutest puppies you ever saw. She’s super affectionate and likes to just sit next to her people, she’s really social!

Ashti is currently staying with one of our foster families where she is doing well and learning a lot. She is a smart cookie who learns fast and doesn’t scare easily.

Clunky and loud vacuum cleaner? “Ooh goody, a toy. Play, play, play!”
Loud noises coming from the television? “Great, time for Netflix! What are we watching?”
Other dogs three times her size? “Hello! What’s your name? Let’s be friends!”
The big, bad ironing board comes out? “Oh my, that’s the biggest stick I’ve ever seen!”

What else can we tell you about Ashti? Well, she enjoys playing with the other dogs in the foster home. She also loves going on car rides. Being a puppy, her energy level is high, so she is looking forward on finding a family who will be taking her on walks, training her, and playing games with her (except scrabble. She’s intelligent, but c’mon, she’s still a little puppy).

Overall, Ashti is a very easy going and affectionate puppy, who gets along well with people and fellow pets. She is ready to be adopted. Fingers crossed that someone comes along who’ll give her a chance!

If you think you have the type of home environment that would suit Ashti’s needs, please contact Our adoption team will then get back to you as soon as possible! You can click here for more information about our adoption process.