The lockdown in Curaçao has been extended with two more weeks. Now that everyone needs to stay home, in-person adoptions are impossible. However, our virtual adoption process is ready to roll! This week, we are hoping to find someone who wants to virtually adopt Charlie.

Charlie is a very sweet and happy boy of two years old. He is one of our special needs CARFIES. When we rescued Charlie off the streets, he was paralyzed and terrified of everyone and everything. We immediately rushed Charlie to see our vet, who told us that this poor boy was most likely hit by a car and then left on the side of the road.

Fortunately, Charlie’s story got a happy twist. Yes, he was paralyzed but thanks to proper care and attention, he recovered and learnt how to walk again. Our miracle boy! Such a strong little fighter. He does still have a neurological problem that keeps him from being able to run, but he can walk again and he happily dribbles around, so we call that a big win!

Not only did Charlie learn how to walk again, he also learned to enjoy life. These days, he is a happy little chap. But Charlie does not enjoy new situations and new people as much, it makes him feel stressed and fearful. That’s why a remote family, someone who would want to virtually adopt him, would be ideal for him. With your help, Charlie can continue to enjoy a carefree life in a warm, safe and loving environment. Do you want to be Charlie’s supporter?

You can support Charlie with a (one-time) monthly donation of Nafl. 100 / €50 / US$60. Your donation covers Charlie’s cost of food, veterinary care, vaccines, and monthly tick, flea and heartworm preventives for a month.

  • Tikkie (This link is valid till Monday, April 27th, 2020)
  • Maduro & Curiel’s Bank: 21199501, mention ‘Charlie’ (SWIFT/BIC Code = MCBKCWCU)
  • Banco di Caribe: 301647 500 001 100 01, mention ‘Charlie’ (SWIFT/BIC Code = BDCCCWCU)
  • Donations through PayPal are also possible, click here for more info (our email address is
  • Contact for our Dutch bank account, USA bank account, or bank Canadian account.

Feel free to contact for more info about Charlie, our (virtual) adoption progress, or our other CARFIES.