Meet 3-year-old Heidi. Heidi likes to take it slow when it comes to new relationships. She doesn’t just rush right in and give you cuddles and kisses ― you’ve got to work for it a little bit. Once she trusts you, the loving and fun can begin!
Here’s a little background information on Heidi. Heidi was in an awful condition when she entered our foster care back in 2017. She was skinny, scared, tail tucked, head down, and in desperate need of help. Luckily she was spotted by caring tourists who reached out to us for help. Thanks to these lovely ladies we were able to find Heidi and bring her into safety. Heidi was afraid of us and our leash so it took some effort to catch her as she was hiding underneath a wooden platform near Mambo Beach.

Heidi has lived with a foster family before and this is what they had to say about her: “Heidi enjoys going on walks and is pretty easy on the leash. Once she trusts you, she loves cuddles, pets, and hugs.”

Heidi would love to find a patient adopter who will let her adjust to new situations at her own speed. Does she sound like the dog for you? Contact for more information.