Puppy Jill

We can’t imagine that it will take long for Jill to find someone who wants to adopt her. She is so sweet, so adorable, so playful and oh-so cuddly. Honestly, who can say ‘no’ to this face?

Last Sunday, Jill joined our puppy adoption event at Dive City. This little thing stole not only the spotlight but also several hearts. She got along very well with the older puppies and she really enjoyed playing with the big dogs too.

For whatever reason, Jill has not been adopted yet. She is still up for grabs… but we doubt it will be for much longer. If you’re interested in offering her a forever home, make sure to contact us soon to avoid disappointment. We asked Jill a few questions.

 Jill, how old are you?
“They told me I’m about 8 weeks old. I’m a tiny little thing and apparently the humans don’t expect me to ever grow into a big dog. I don’t mind though. I fit perfectly in your lap now and I plan on crawling up there for as long as you let me.”

Are you afraid of people?
“Afraid of humans? No… why would I? I love humans. I got so many cuddles last weekend. And I loved every single one of them. At one point, I became a bit tired and I think I may have fallen asleep in the lap of a guest. I love naps. I love laps. I love taking naps in laps.”

Jill, how much is 1 + 1?
“Oh… uh… is this a trick question? I’m a little puppy and I don’t know how to do math. However, the humans say I’m a very smart puppy. I’m a fast learner, too. And I know that you + me equals love.”

Well, as you can probably tell by now, our little Jill has a big personality. She’s very charming. And she will make the perfect companion for someone who is looking for a small dog with a big heart.

Adopting Jill

Contact carf.adoption@gmail.com for more info about Jill, or one of our other adoptable CARFIES.

puppy Jill