This handsome pup is 4 months old and he’s very well socialized, just like his adoptable siblings and their mom. Leroy is cute, fun, playful, loving, adorable you name it, Leroy has it. Except for… a place to call home. Let’s get Leroy adopted into a real home!
One of our volunteers took Leroy for a walk the other day and said: “Leroy did great! He does not mind walking on a leash, except maybe when he sees other dogs in the distance. But that’s only because he’s very curious and wanted to make new friends. He also enjoyed meeting new people and will come right up to strangers with a friendly smile and wagging tail. Leroy seemed to enjoy the water and getting his paws wet. I’m sure he will make a great pet!”

It’s time for Leroy to find a home where he will have his own people to greet every day, a comfy bed to sleep in, a yard to soak up sunbeams, lots of fun activities with his humans, and plenty of yummy treats. Could you be the person that Leroy is looking for?

Contact for more info about Leroy or one of our other adoptable CARFIES.