Meet Meghan. Meghan is the real life version of the emoji dog. This happy-go-lucky spayed female has white fur with a brown patch around her one eye. She’s often seen smiling, with both eyes open and her tongue hanging out. Yep, she is pretty much a living emoji — the faces she makes are just PERFECT.
We’ve gotten to know Meghan well and have all fallen in love with her. She is a young, gentle, and playful dog who has a lot of love to give. Meghan loves spending time with her people to get some cuddles, ear scratches, and assurances that she is loved. She also doesn’t mind a little massage every now and then. Once Meghan settles into her new home, we are sure she makes the sweetest companion.

This is what one of our volunteers had to say about her: “Meghan is an awesome dog and I really enjoy spending time with her. She’ll make a great pet. Hopefully her forever people will find her soon!”

Meghan is fully vetted and ready to be adopted! If you’d like to learn more about Meghan before visiting her, or if you’d like to meet her in person, feel free to email us at