We absolutely love our supporters, volunteers and sponsors, as they are the only way CARF Curaçao continues to exist. One of the biggest compliments that we can get is when our work is seen in other countries. We have been getting it more and more, people from all around the world reaching out because they have somehow heard about us and support our cause. We love it when they are holidaying on Curaçao and they make time in their schedules to visit us!
Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful people who visited us recently.
Janine and her mother came all the way from Germany to give our CARFIES some ear scratches and lots of snuggle time. We were lucky enough to see them not once but twice during their trip. Isn’t it amazing that they made time for our CARFIES? Masha danki, ladies (many thanks)!
Look at this wonderful donation! One of our supports, who would like to remain anonymous, has donated a big pile of treats and toys. Our CARFIES sure are going to love these!
A big ‘Thank you!’ goes out to our rescue friends from Tennessee for visiting us and showering the CARFIES with love. They also made a generous donation to cover the medical and food costs of our rescued street dogs. As you can see, CARFIE Sol was really grateful and enjoyed all the attention.
When Annelies visited the island earlier this month she didn’t travel lightly. During her stay on Curaçao, she made some time to visit us and she did not arrive empty handed! With the help of friends and family back home in The Netherlands, she was able to collect a large amount of leashes, collars and harnesses which she donated to CARF. With over 140 dogs in our care, these will be put to good use. Thanks a million, Annelies and friends!
Robert & Jenna from the USA visited Curaçao for their honeymoon. This lovely couple surely has a lot of love to give, since they visited us not once but twice during their trip! How amazing is that? Many thanks to you Robert and Jenna, we wish you the absolute best in your marriage and hope you have enjoyed your honeymoon as least half as much as our CARFIES enjoyed all of your hugs, cuddles and belly rubs!
Thank you sweet Roos for dropping in with lots of goodies for our CARFIES and practical donations like stainless steel food and water bowls and a much needed new garden hose! 
Earlier this month, one of our supporters from The Netherlands came to visit Maxim, the little puppy with the injured leg. Maxim was a little shy at first, but our supporter gave him praise and treats whenever Maxim would walk which helped to break the ice. With the help of his colleagues back home, our supporter was able to raise a wonderful amount of money to donate to CARF. Many thanks Centrum Oosterwal and Apotheek Pharmacor!
And last but not least, during the first CARF Meet & Greet of 2016, many people came out to meet and play with our puppies. Longtime friend Kelly Theunissen, 1st Runner Up Miss Curacao Teenager 2015 dropped by for some puppy love, and wasn’t disappointed as you can see. Thank you for your continued support, Kelly and family! 
“The world would be a better place
if everyone had the ability
​to love as unconditionally as a dog.”