Protect Your Dog From The Heat

“Dog days of summer? That means I’ll be tanning on my lounge chair!” – Sam.

Feeling hot, hot, hot…

The ‘dogs days of summer’ are here, which means plenty of sunshine, rising temperatures and, well, uncomfortable sultry days. The dog days of summer can also be hard on your furry friends. So let’s go over 5 different ways to keep your pooch cool and comfortable during this heat.

5 Ways To Protect Your Dog From The Heat

  1. Summer or no summer, your dog should have access to a spot in the shade and clean, fresh drinking water at all times. If you want to help your dog cool off, give him cold water but do not offer him ice water. As refreshing as it might seem, ice cold water can actually be dangerous for dogs.
  2. If you want to give your dog something to cool off, it is safe to give him homemade ‘dogsicles’ or ‘pupsicles’. Just fill half a cup with dog food from a can, then fill the cup by adding water. Stir, then place the plastic cup in the freezer. Before giving your dog his ‘pupsicle’, make sure to hold it under the tab first so your dog’s tongue won’t stick to it. Instead of dog food, you can also use yoghurt or chicken or beef bouillon.
  3. What better way to cool down than by taking a jump into the pool? Give your dog his own pool by placing a plastic kiddie pool in your yard and filling it up with water. Fun guaranteed! You can consider placing the kiddie pool in the ground so big dogs can’t chew it up or drag it.
  4. If your dog isn’t too fond of swimming, you can wet a towel and get him to either lie down on it to cool off, or wet his body with it. Dogs sweat from the pads of their food, so don’t forget to wet those paws.
  5. Regular brushing and combing your dog not only helps to keep his coat and skin healthy, it also helps him shed as much of his undercoat as possible which will leave him more comfortable.

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