☀️☀️ Drake’date ☀️☀️

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our amazing followers on Drake. This very docile and softhearted fella is doing much better but is still stuggling with some issues.

Drake is having some secondary skin infections due to the severe mange and malnutition as well as irritated eyes. His bloodwork came back showing his platelets are normal but the globulines are still high. Our fighter, however, is heartworm NEG ! 🎉

He’s now on new antibiotics to help his skin continue to heal and the effects of the severe tickborne disease as well as an ointment to help his irritated eyes.

Drake enjoyed the car ride, curiously looking out the window.

The road to full recovey continues for our lovely boy and if you are at all able to assist us in covering his medical expenses we would be very grateful.

MCB 21199501
Paypal : stichtingcarf@gmail.com

On behalf of Drake; Thank you 🙏💙

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