We have received many requests for portrait photos of our Mahuma-puppies. All seven puppies are feeling (and looking!) much better, and have blossomed into the cutest little dogs (pictures in the article). They will soon be ready for adoption. Can you open up your home and heart to one of our puppies?
Thank you for giving these innocent souls their second chance. In case you don’t quite remember what they looked like when they were first found, click here.

​We couldn’t have helped them if it wasn’t for your trust and support. May we introduce you to… Babs, Banjer, Becky, Belinda, Blossom, Brenna, and Brooke!

Mahuma puppy Babs ​♀
Mahuma puppy Banjer ​♂
Mahuma puppy Becky ​
Mahuma puppy Belinda ​
Mahuma puppy ​Blossom ​
Mahuma puppy ​Brenna ​
Mahuma puppy ​Brooke ​
Would you like to (virtually) adopt your own CARFIE? You can contact us at stichtingcarf@gmail.com or check out our adoptable CARFIES here.