🐾 Sandy turned up recently at Campo Alegre. She ran into the complex covered in blood with several bite wounds 😢.

As Sandy was in heat, we think that she was probably defending herself from male dogs when she was injured. Sandy was cared for by a very kind and compassionate young woman who kept her safe and comforted her until we could pick her up.

To avoid more unwanted puppies, we spayed Sandy as soon as possible. We were relieved to discover that this sweet little girl does not have tick fever and she is also heartworm free. Her wounds are superficial and will heal in a matter of weeks.

It’s very clear that Sandy was not always a street dog. She likes to sit on your lap and is super affectionate. At just 11 kg, she’s small for an island dog and we think that there’s at least a little bit of Chihuahua in her genes.

Sandy is about 18 months old and will easily make the transition back to a loved household pet. She is now spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. If you’d like to meet her, please email carf.adoption@gmail.com 🐾

Can you help us to care for Sandy? Every little helps 🙏

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