It was one of those Sundays… Three dead, three alive. Barely. They would not have survived another hour and would have died of dehydration. These little ones were saved by visitors from the United States of America and their local guide. Is this what our government wants our tourists to tell their family and friends back home?
,The three puppies received fluids and were cleaned of the fleas. They are in good hands now and will only go to the best homes when they are ready to be adopted. A big thank you goes out to their rescuers!


If you would like to donate towards the care and treatments of these three puppies, our bank details are (Attn. CARF Curaçao, Beshiweg 1, Willemstad, Curaçao):

  • Maduro & Curiel’s Bank: 21199501
  • Banco di Caribe: 301647 500 001 100 01
  • PayPal

If there is anything else you would like to donate ; toys for them to snuggle next to, puppy food (ProPlan Puppy) or even paper towels, please email