🐾🐾🐾 Sunny & Star 🐾🐾🐾

Sunny & baby Star also had their scheduled check ups yesterday. Sunny has to continue on 2 separate treatments of antibiotics for a while longer and we will then proceed to spay her and provide first chemo treatment for her TVT.
Sunny is such a kind and loving doggy. She’s a caring momma to her baby.

Baby Star is doing well, estimated at approx. 5 weeks she clocked in at 1,15 kgs. She’s weaned and loves her wet puppy kibble. Star is super cute, affectionate and lively.

Sunny and Star still both require extensive vetting and any and all financial help you are able to provide would be much appreciated.
We make a little go a long way.

Please go to the following links for your donation:

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Tikkie (NL) : https://tikkie.me/pay/3oa56hdp2fc9gjrnneeq
For US/EURO/CAD accounts kindly DM us.

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