Update on FORTUNO 🐾🐾

He is being handfed AD canned food as he cannot chew or move his jaw properly yet for dry
kibble. The infection seems to slowly be going down and he is taking his meds and painkillers like a champ !

He is sleeping a lot which is to be expected. There is still an awful look of bloody pus oozing from his face and mouth. He had various wounds and cuts all over hi body which are also being treated topically.

He’s hanging in there and if there is one thing we have seen in all our years of rescue is how though and resilient these creatures are !

You can do this Fortuno !!

If you would like to contribute towarsa Fortuno’s veterinary expenses and his care please do.
We have several medical cases and we need all the help we can get 🙏

Paypal : stichtingcarf.com
MCB : 21199501
Banco di Caribe : 301647
( NL) Tikkie : https://tikkie.me/pay/v920j4eufh9kemfduc71

Thank you 💙

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