🐶 UPDATE: Who doesn't like to start off the weekend with some happy news? We know we do, that's why we want to share a little update with you regarding CARFIE Emma.

🤒 She is doing well in her foster home and although we're still long ways from a full recovery, we see a little progress with every passing day. Emma is looking much better and is more aware of her surroundings. She is eating and drinking well and enjoys the love and attention she is receiving. She is now also able to get up by herself (yay!) but she stands only for very short times. Due to her injured paw she's not able to move much yet.

😷 Next week, she has another vet appointment to have some xrays of her paw and shoulder done. But albeit slowly, her paw is recovering too and we're hoping to share some more updates regarding her mobility with you soon. Have a nice weekend everyone! 🐾

💙 Donations: www.carfcuracao.com/donate-carf

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