Guess what… our volunteers did! We love walking dogs in the early morning. On Sunday, August 30th, a bunch of dedicated volunteers gathered to take some lucky CARFIES for a morning walk at the salt flats. And boy, did our CARFIES enjoy themselves!
The ride there was smooth; the dogs behaved really well in the cars. And once we started walking, both dogs and volunteers had a blast. Not only are these walks a good way to get rid of energy while having fun, it also prepares the dogs to get used to car rides and walking on a leash. This might help them get adopted faster. At the end of the walk, all CARFIES were treated to homemade dogscicles to cool off.

Recipe For Homemade Dogscicles

Want to surprise your own furry friend with a homemade dogscicle?

  • Fill a cup halfway with dog food from a can, then fill the cup by adding water.
  • Stir it, then place it into the freezer.

That’s really all it takes! Instead of dog food from a can, you can also use bouillon. Adding a few ice cubes to their water bowl will ensure the water stays cooler longer too. Do not give your dogs ice water.