As the year is coming to an end, we look back on 2018 with mixed feelings. In the past 12 months, we’ve seen horrific cases of animal abuse, neglect and abandonment. But we’ve also seen dogs make amazing recoveries ― both physically and mentally.
We’ve shed tears of despair, disappointment and grief. 
But we’ve also shed tears of joy, relief and extreme gratitude.

2018 marked our 10th anniversary in dog rescue. Since 2008, we have been rescuing and socializing dogs in Curaçao and re-homing them on the island and abroad. Although our work may be far from done, we have accomplished a lot. Especially taken into consideration the fact that we’re all volunteers and receive zero government funding.

Sometimes, dog rescue is challenging.
Sometimes, dog rescue is exhausting.
Sometimes, dog rescue is overwhelming.
Sometimes, dog rescue is emotionally draining.
Sometimes, dog rescue is a very discouraging job.

It’s your words of encouragement and your donations that keep us strong and remind us every day that we are making a difference… together. We may not change the world but we can change the world for a dog. And that’s worth a lot.

We want to thank each and everyone of you who have our backs. Whether you support us through adoptions, fostering, volunteering, donations of money or supplies, or simply by sharing our social media posts and helping us reach a broader audience.

We wish you nothing but the best for 2019 and hope that we can continue counting on your support!

Feel free to contact us at for more info or click here to see some of the amazing recoveries we witnessed in the last year. For donations, no matter how small, click here.