😳 Yesterday morning, we discovered a dog we'd never seen before… right here, in our yard. Now for those who don't know this; our yard is completely surrounded by a high wall and on top of the wall mesh wire, which means that someone picked her up and has thrown her over the wall!

💊 The poor girl is in bad shape; she has bloody diarrhea, she's suffering from tick disease, anemia, she is dehydrated, and unable to drink and eat without assistance. Our vet thinks she's about 16-17 weeks old; he gave her fluids for her dehydration and the necessary injections and pills. She's very tired and extremely stressed out for obvious reasons. Fortunately, we were able to find her a caring foster home where she can relax and hopefully recover in peace. We have named her Dolce.

💙 We would be extremely grateful for any donations and positive vibes ― every little bit helps! #CARFDolce
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