Curaçao Animal Rights Foundation (CARF) was founded on May 29, 2008. CARF is committed to protecting and safeguarding the welfare of dogs on the island of Curaçao. CARF’s mission is centered around the following key goals:

  • Creating and raising awareness of proper animal care;
  • Fostering and caring for abandoned and neglected stray dogs;
  • Rehoming abandoned and neglected dogs with suitable adopters.

CARF is always looking for volunteers who can help us in our mission. The work is not only very rewarding but also fun and educational. So if you want to help us do something about the immense stray animal problem on our island, please contact us.

Our CARFIES are cared for in loving homes by our wonderful fosterers and at our busy rescue centre.   After rehabilitation they are ready to be adopted. Looking for a buddy? Check out our list of adoptable dogs.

Our dogs are just as sweet, smart and deserving of love as pedigree dogs but without the hefty price tag.  Curaçao’s typical mixed breed dogs are affectionately known as “Westpointers”.  These smart, resilient and hardy dogs are often healthier and have a longer lifespan than many pure breeds!

You can contact us by email at or use our contact form.


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