CARFIE Of The Week: Popeye


The name Popeye is somehow both cute and tough-sounding, and that is exactly how we would describe our Popeye! Popeye is a tough cookie, with a heart of gold. He was rescued when he was just a little puppy. Together with his brother Brutus and his sister Olive (Olijfje), we got him off the streets and into our care. Read more »

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CARFIE Of The Week: Maya

Maya, CARFIE of the week.

Oh, sweet Maya. We rescued her when she was just a puppy. That was about eight (8!) years ago. She is one of the dogs that’s been waiting forever to be adopted. Will 2021 be the year that she finally finds her forever home?

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CARFIE Of The Week: Plumber

CARFIE Of The Week: Plumber | Adoptable Dogs from Curaçao

Our CARFIE Of The Week is Plumber. He came into our care 17 weeks ago. Before that, he was living with a family that also had a second dog. Sadly, this dog passed away and Plumber lost his best friend. The loss of his friend hit him hard, he missed his buddy so much!

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