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CARFIE Of The Week: Plumber

CARFIE Of The Week: Plumber | Adoptable Dogs from Curaçao

Our CARFIE Of The Week is Plumber. He came into our care 17 weeks ago. Before that, he was living with a family that also had a second dog. Sadly, this dog passed away and Plumber lost his best friend. The loss of his friend hit him hard, he missed his buddy so much!

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CARFIE Of The Week: Linda

CARFIE Of The Week_ Linda (1)

This week, we’re putting CARFIE Linda in the spotlight. She is about 4,5 years old and has been in our care for the last 2,5 years. Since May, she has been living with her foster family. And as much as she loves her foster family (and vice versa), foster is just a pit stop, with a forever home as the finish line. Read more »

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CARFIE Of The Week: Baya

CARFIE Of The Week: Baya

Wow… talk about a glow up! When we rescued Baya back in May, she was mostly skin and bones. She was malnourished, covered in thousands of fleas, and running a high fever. But thanks to our wonderful vets at Claus Clinic and our dedicated volunteers, Baya is looking and feeling much better. Read more »

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CARFIE Of The Week: Susi

Susi is ready to be adopted!
Susi is a medium-sized dog in a great big world. When we first rescued her, she was anxious and unapproachable, but over time she has blossomed into a very social and stable dog. She often joins us on walks with new rescues who are still a bit uncertain about their new life.
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