Maya, CARFIE of the week.

Oh, sweet Maya. We rescued her when she was just a puppy. That was about eight (8!) years ago. She is one of the dogs that’s been waiting forever to be adopted. Will 2021 be the year that she finally finds her forever home?

Maya has always been a bit shy and a little cautious. That’s why we think she was overlooked so long. We are hoping to find her a calm household where she can spend time with her new family, get used to her new surrounding, and get the confidence that she needs. A busy home with lots of loud noises or sudden movement is not for her.

Maya is house-trained, sterilized and fully vaccinated. She is a medium sized Westpointer with a beautiful black coat and brown legs.

Adopting Maya

Maya has been in our care for years and years. We would love to find her a nice home where she can be herself and enjoy her life to the full potential. Interested in learning more about her? Contact us at

Maya is looking for a home