About CARF

Founded in 2008, CARF is the oldest hands-on no-kill (stray) rescue organisation on the island of Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. CARF is a non profit rescue that relies solely on volunteers and donations.

CARFIE Of The Week: Daniel

Daniel, CARFIE Of The Week

This week, the spotlight is on CARFIE Daniel. Daniel is a young dog of approximately 5,5-6 months old. He would like an adopter to go on some adventures with – promptly followed by sofa-time and snuggles. This pupper is slowly discovering the world around him and he finds it all quite exciting! Read more »

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CARFIE Of The Week: Gigi

One minute you have found a forever home for the majority of the pups and just like that, you have full house again. Meet Gigi ― she has the honor to be our CARFIE of the Week. Wouldn’t it be great if not just Gigi, but all other puppies, will have a place to call home soon?
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CARFIE Of The Week: Kas

Kas used to roam on the beach, with no home in sight, just looking for fresh water and scraps to eat to survive. We were able to rescue him and take him in. Since then, Kas has received all the necessary medical care, and now has access to fresh water and daily meals. 
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CARFIE Of The Week: Ludo ♂

Meet Ludo. Ludo is almost two years old and has been in our care since he was a little puppy. Ludo has spent his entire life waiting for someone to come and adopt him, it is really time for him to find a family that will love and cherish him.

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