Holiday Gift Idea for Dog Lovers | Virtually Adopt A Dog From Curacao

Can’t adopt? Not able to foster? Too busy to volunteer? Our Virtual Adoption Program allows you to virtually adopt a dog! This means that you will adopt a dog “on paper,” while the dog remains in our care. You will receive a digital certificate of adoption with the name and picture of your dog of choice, as well as your own name or the name of the person you gift it to!

How can I virtually adopt a CARF dog?

It’s easy! Just send us an email at Our team will happily explain how to make your donation and ensure that you receive your personalized adoption certification.

How much does it cost to virtually adopt a dog?

To virtually adopt one of your dogs, you donate an amount of ƒ100,- / €50,- / USD60,- / CAD70,- per month. This covers the cost of food, veterinary care, and monthly tick, flea, and heartworm preventatives. You can virtually adopt a dog for a month, a year, or multiple months.

What is my donation used for?

Your one-time or monthly donation is used to help your sponsor dog. Your donation will be contributing to food, monthly preventatives, rehabilitation, general care, and medical care. We won’t be using your donation to pay any staff members as we’re 100% run by volunteers.

Can I select which dog I would like to virtually adopt?

Yes, you can select which CARFIE you would like to virtually adopt. If you don’t have a preference, our team will gladly hand-pick one for you.

Do I receive proof of my virtual adoption?

Absolutely! All virtual adopters receive a digital adoption certificate with the name and picture of your dog of choice, as well as your own name or the name of the person you gift it to! You can share your certificate on social media or have it printed.

Can I virtually adopt a dog with my company, club, or foundation?

Yes, you can. Participating in our Virtual Adoption program can be done on an individual basis, but also together with your company, family, friends, or club. Whether you would like to be listed on our website or stay anonymous, we respect your decision. If you like to have your company’s name listed, we will be more than happy to do this and include a link to your website as well.

What happens if my virtual pet dies or gets adopted?

In the rare case that your animal passes away, or in the wonderful instance that your CARFIE gets adopted, you will be notified. Adoption program donations are non-refundable. Of course, you will be able to choose a new pet to virtually adopt. There will always be a CARFIE who needs your help!

Where can I learn more?

You can read more about our Virtual Adoption Program here. Or send an email with your questions to

Virtual Adoption Certificate

This is the Virtual Adoption Certificate of Charlie, who was virtually adopted on October 4th, 2021 by Harry & Marjolein. Yes, on World Animal Day!