Back in January, Heidi had the honor to be the very first ‘CARFIE Of The Week’ of 2020. Well, it’s nine months later, and she is still waiting for someone to take her home. It is not too late though ― 2020 can still become Heidi’s year! But we are going to need your help to find her a forever family.

How Heidi fist came into our care

Back in 2016, Heidi was spotted by tourists who reached out to us for help. When we found Heidi near Sunscape Resort, she had a tight rope around her neck. Heidi was afraid of people so she was hiding underneath a wooden platform. It took quite some effort before we were able to catch her. She was in an awful condition when she entered our foster care; skinny, scared, tail tucked, head down. But over the years, we’ve seen her blossom into a happy and healthy dog.

Single, and ready to mingle

Before her foster family left the island, they used to take Heidi on regular walks. She has great leash manners (no wonder… since she loves her walks!) and responds well when encountering unfamiliar dogs. She can’t always resist the urge to bark at joggers, but that’s something that she’s willing to work on. Her foster family took time to socialize her with other people and dogs. Heidi also gets along well with cats, so a feline friend would actually be a bonus for her.

What else should you know about Heidi?

We have a fun fact for you! Heidi has a sleeping pillow that she carries around all day. In the morning, she takes it outside with her. And in the evening, she drags it back inside. She prefers to place her pillow in the doorway so she can lay down and enjoy the nice evening breeze.

How to adopt

Heidi is 4.5 years old, healthy, up-to-date with her vaccinations, micro-chipped, and neutered. You can contact us at to set up a meet-and-greet with Heidi or to ask for more information. If you’re not able to offer Heidi a home yourself, you might know someone who is looking to adopt a dog. Feel free to share Heidi’s story with family and friends!