CARFIE Of The Week: Kelly

In September 2020, we rescued Kelly. She was found on one of the local beaches, together with her mom Pebbles and surrogate father Joop. We can’t believe it’s been a year already!

When Kelly first came into our care, she was a shy and insecure puppy. It took her some time to get used to the new environment and new impressions. But as we have gotten to know her, and she has gotten to know us, she has turned into a friendly and affectionate love bug.

At first, going for walks was a bit exciting for her too. But these days she loves going for walks! She walks well on a leash—no pulling at all. And she behaves well with other dogs.

Kelly is a medium-sized dog with black fur and a white spot on her chest. She is healthy, happy, fully vaccinated, and ready for her forever family! Preferably someone who will give her physical and mental activities, positive reinforcement training, and most of all, love! Kelly would do great in a home with other dogs or without. If you’re interested in meeting Kelly, send an email to and we will go from there!

All adoption info, steps, and forms can be found here.