This week, Emilia is our CARFIE Of The Week. She is probably one of our most shocking rescue transformations. When she first came into our care, she was so weak that we weren’t sure if she would make it. Luckily she made a full recovery and is now doing great. Even we wouldn’t believe she’s the same dog if we had not seen the transformation ourselves!

Emilia then…

So, a bit more about Emilia’s background. We rescued her in July 2020, she was found tucked away in the mondi (an area of wild growth.) Emilia was in rough shape. She was emaciated, dehydrated, sick, and without help, she would have soon died. We took her in and brought her to our vet to get stabilized, and then sent her to foster to gain some weight and confidence. When she was first brought in, we weren’t even sure if she would make it through the night. But she hung in there! After lots of patience, care, medication, time, and love, she made a recovery.

…and Emilia now!

Emilia is now about 4 years old and well, she is a total catch! She has a healthy weight and her gorgeous fur is in excellent shape. She can still be a bit shy, but being here with our awesome volunteers has helped tremendously. They have introduced her to the super fun times that are CARF Walks! Going on weekly walks with our volunteers and other dogs has really helped her confidence. She clearly enjoys these outings! She has been chipped, is up-to-date on her vaccinations, and is ready to find her family.


Emilia is very sweet and chill, she doesn’t need to expend a ton of energy. She would do well in a home that will allow her to get comfortable at her own pace. If you give her a little time and patience, you will be her best friend in no time. If you would like to adopt Emilia, or learn more about her, please send an email to and we will go from there!  All adoption info, steps, etc. can be found here. We can’t wait for Emilia to meet her forever family. We know that there is a home for her where she is the absolute perfect addition and she deserves to find them!

Emilia made a heartwarming recovery!