Curaçao Dog Heidi is Looking for Home

We rescued Heidi in December 2016 after Canadian tourists spotted her hiding underneath a pergola. Almost five years later, and Heidi is still in our care… We would love for this girl to find her forever home and family. Can you help?

Heidi then…

Bringing Heidi into safety wasn’t easy. She was clearly afraid of us and was hiding underneath a wooden platform near Mambo Beach. It was difficult to loop her or guide her into a crate. Fortunately, after several attempts, we were able to bring her to safety. She was skinny, scared, tail tucked, head down, and in desperate need of help. She also had a tight rope around her neck. To this day, we have no idea what happened to her before she came into our care. But we are glad that she found her way to us so that we could get her patched up and on the road to recovery.

She was very nervous and shy, and it took a while before she slowly started to warm up to us. Once we found a foster home for Heidi, that is when she really blossomed. She got used to walking on a leash, and couldn’t have had better leash manners―no pulling or tugging. Very interested in sniffing bushes and leaves, but she keeps it moving.

… and now!

Heidi has come a long way, both physically and emotionally. Although she can still be a bit shy with new people, once she trusts you, she loves cuddles, pets, and hugs. She enjoys riding in the car and being brushed and groomed is another one of her favorites. We believe that a quieter home, one with very predictable comings and goings would suit her very well. She has done well with other dogs, and it could benefit her to live with a confident dog. But if she would be the only dog in the house, that would be fine too. Do you have a cat? Heidi is actually used to living with cats and loves them.

Fun fact!

Heidi has a pillow that she likes to carry around. In the morning, she brings it outside. And in the evening, she drags it back in.

Heidi would love to find a patient adopter who will let her adjust to new situations at her own speed. Does she sound like the dog for you? Contact for more information or click here for our adoption process.

Heidi was hiding underneath a wooden platform near Mambo Beach. Heidi couldn’t have had better leash manners―no pulling or tugging Heidi would love to find a patient adopter!

Picture Heidi rides well in the car!