CARF’s Pet Adoption Update: Sneezy


One of the joys of working at CARF is receiving updates on our adopted dogs. Who remembers Sneezy? Sneezy was adopted in August 2012 and has since been a much loved companion.
Dog’s name:
SneezyDog’s former name:
Sneezy. He kept this ridiculous 7 dwarfs-name since he sneezes a lot as does his baasje 🙂

Adopted (month/year):
August 2012

What made you want to adopt this dog?

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Yippee… Alenna Found Her Home!

Alenna’s story starts at the landing strip of Hato International Airport. At least, that is where we start her story. We never found out where exactly she came from, but she was first spotted wandering at the airport. The people there were unable to catch her and we were told that if we didn’t pick her up, it might end bad for her. Read more »

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Kingsley Has Found His Castle

Hip, hip, hurray! Kingsley has found his forever family… in The Netherlands! His flight arrived in Amsterdam earlier today and he is currently getting accustomed to his new home and the temperatures in his new country – haha.
Kingsley was rescued off the streets back in April, around King’s Day (hence the name).
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