Who remembers Marnix? That’s right. Not too long ago, Marnix was our CARFIE Of The Week. Well, we have some good news. Because Marnix is officially off the market!
We’re not sure where Marnix came from but for some reason he choose local school Marnix College as his new hang-out spot. Despite all the students who enjoyed Marnix’s presence, some parents decided that Marnix had to go. That’s how Marnix ended up with CARF. We took him in and he quickly charmed all volunteers… and his new family!

Marnix is now living a happy life with his very own humans. He was hoping for a loving home where he would be part of the family and he got exactly that! We couldn’t be more thrilled for him. Have a long and wonderful life, sweet Marnix!

Are you interested to (virtually) adopt your own CARFIE? You can contact us at stichtingcarf@gmail.com or check out our adoptable CARFIES here.