The Story of Radar

Radar was betrayed, left behind to fend for himself, after years of “loyal service” when his owner moved. Radar was living on the street and sleeping in old abandoned buildings in Otrobanda. He survived on scrapes and some meals neighbors would provide him.
When we first heard of him we had no place to take him. Together with a concerned neighbor, we started to care for him on the streets. We provided the neighbor with dog food and medication so she could feed and medicate Radar twice daily. He was given Nexgard Spectra. As soon as he would allow us to touch him, we were able to treat his eye. We suspect he is blind in one eye.

Time For Action

Radar started to look and feel better, but the streets were still not a safe place for him. He would regularly get hit by cars in the busy, narrow street. It’s a miracle he survived this long. He would be chased, spit on, and he has stones thrown at him by passersby. He had also been attacked a few times by other dogs fighting for food.

One day, as we arrived to clean his eye and provide him with pain medication, we heard that he was napping on the sidewalk when a car drove onto the sidewalk and hit him. As we were getting our supplies ready, we witnessed Radar being attacked by a dog. He had to get the dog off him twice. At that moment we knew we had to get him to safety. Radar was loaded into the car without a back-up plan.

Luckily we knew one of our regular fosters would soon be able to foster again. After a few days in emergency boarding, Radar moved to his own little corner of paradise. Radar is still being treated for ehrlichia and anemia, his skin is slowly getting better and he is on daily pain management for sore joints. Fortunately, he tested negative for heart worm (🎉).

A (Goofy) Treasure He Is

Radar has shown us to be extremely cuddly, loyal and goofy. He’s a loving and sensitive dog. We are thrilled to see him feeling and looking better and are so happy he is now out of danger in a safe, warm and loving environment. Like all living creatures should be.

We would like to thank Chantal and JoAnn who both alerted us about Radar and who both made financial contributions to his initial medical expenses.

With so many rescues in our care and completely dependent on the generosity of our friends and followers we would like to ask if anyone is able to assist in Radar’s expenses. He will be neutered and another blood test will be done to make sure he’s cured of ehrlichia. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Support CARF Curaçao

Donations are very much appreciated. You can donate to our local MCB-account: 21199501 (Maduro & Curiel’s Bank), with address: Beshiweg 1, Willemstad, Curaçao. If you would like to become Radar’s sponsor that is also possible. For more information on sponsor ships (virtual adoptions), please email On behalf of the entire team, old man Radar sends you his love.