One of the joys of working at CARF is receiving updates on our adopted dogs. Who remembers Sneezy? Sneezy was adopted in August 2012 and has since been a much loved companion.
Dog’s name:
SneezyDog’s former name:
Sneezy. He kept this ridiculous 7 dwarfs-name since he sneezes a lot as does his baasje 🙂

Adopted (month/year):
August 2012

What made you want to adopt this dog?
He had such a sad look in his eyes. All he wanted was a home. I did not really want a dog, but I just could not say no to those eyes.

What are the best things about your CARFIE?
He is my best friend. Our happiest moments are together on the couch.

What are your dogs favorite activities?
Sleep, eat, repeat and never too old for playing with silly squishy squeeze toys.

In what ways has your CARFIE changed your life?
He made me realize there are so many dogs in need.  I never really noticed before, but since Sneezy came into my life I see similar sad stories everywhere. He was my first rescue, but not my last.

How would you describe your CARFIE in 3 words?
Best ever happened.

How do people react to your CARFIE?
Everybody loves Sneezy. He is gorgeous, very sweet and listens well.

Does your CARFIE have any nicknames?
(Lovable) Idiot.

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