Meet mama Knofje and her puppies. Last Wednesday, our volunteers saw Knofje walking along the side of the road. Without a collar or chip, but with a large, pregnant belly. Talking about being at the right place at the right time! Knofje was immediately taken to the vet but it was already too late to terminate her pregnancy. The vet expected that Knofje would give birth within the next 4 days. And she did.

Fortunately, the volunteers who found Knofje have offered to take her in and look after her and her puppies. So all nine (9!) puppies were brought into this world in a safe environment. We are so relieved that she did not have to give birth on the streets.

The puppies are doing well, and have all been named after great artists. The 7 females are named Frida, Niki, Dalí, Mona, Vereen, Camille, and Nola. The two males go by Pablo and Picasso.

It will take a couple of months before Knofje’s puppies will be available for adoption. In the meantime, we REALLY need donations to get all of these pups their food, medications, vaccinations, preventatives, microchips, check-ups at the vet, and eventually, spay and neuter procedures.

With 10 new dogs in our care, and several more scheduled to come in the following days and weeks, we are looking at a huge drain on resources.

Any donations, no matter how small, are extremely appreciated:
❤️ Tikkie (this link is valid till January 28th, 2022)
🧡 Maduro & Curiel’s Bank: 21199501. Address: Beshiweg #1 (SWIFT/BIC Code = MCBKCWCU)
💛 Banco di Caribe: 301647 500 001 100 01. Address: Beshiweg #1 (SWIFT/BIC Code = BDCCCWCU)
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