About CARF

Founded in 2008, CARF is the oldest hands-on no-kill (stray) rescue organisation on the island of Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. CARF is a non profit rescue that relies solely on volunteers and donations.

CARFIE Of The Week: Ludo ♂

Meet Ludo. Ludo is almost two years old and has been in our care since he was a little puppy. Ludo has spent his entire life waiting for someone to come and adopt him, it is really time for him to find a family that will love and cherish him.

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Meet Dora, Our Latest Little Rescue

Meet Dora. This skinny (but not shy!) lady was found along the side of the road just a few days ago. During the vet’s examination, she turned out to have a sub-temperature and plastic protruded from her anus. No wonder she has a low temperature if she doesn’t get food to give her the energy she needs …

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