Four Puppies Rescued From Busy Main Street in Curaçao

Fibi is not the only puppy we took under our care this week. One of our long-term volunteers was able to secure these three little babies. She spotted them out on a busy main street and took action. There was no momma dog in sight or any other dogs around for that matter. All three puppies were skinny as can be, and without help, they wouldn’t last much longer.

The puppies are still too weak to be vaccinated. In the meantime, they have gotten Nexgard Spectra (against fleas, ticks, heartworm) and Milbactor (worming tablets.)

A few days after these three were rescued, another one of our volunteers spotted a lone puppy at the exact same location. We assume it’s another sibling, as our vet estimated all four to be around the same age (12-13 weeks.)

We hope to find time over the next few days to share more information and updates, but for now, we just wanted to share these pictures with you.

In the meantime, donations towards the care of these four are very welcome (and so needed!):

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  Puppies Rescued From Busy Main Street in Curaçao One of the four rescued puppies