Dog Family of three rescued

We recently took in a dog family of three after being contacted for help by Eduardo. He shares their story with us: “It was a very hot August afternoon. Photography is my hobby and I was looking for a certain angle to take pictures of the landing airplanes at the airport. Someone told me about a location near the ATC radar on Seru Mahuma, so I drove there looking for this spot. I found it easily and it had a nice view overlooking the airport. There was also a beaten up wooden bench. I waited for the scheduled airplane to land and walked towards the bench, suddenly I heard the fierce growl of a puppy. I didn’t notice them at first, but underneath the wooden bench was a puppy and mother. The puppy kept growling, the mother was calm. They were resting. It was a very hot day and the sun was merciless.”

“I couldn’t leave them like this”

“I observed the interaction between mother and puppy and it was so human like. The puppy was cuddling a lot and resting his head on the mother’s belly. After a while I noticed a head sticking out from the other side of the bench. Lying outside the protection of the bench was another dog. They were together, a female dog, a puppy and a male dog. What impressed me was that the male dog was lying in the blistering sun and the female dog and puppy were lying underneath the wooden bench in the shade, protected from the sun. It almost seemed to me that the male dog was doing this on purpose, as such as to offer more comfort to the puppy and female dog. From that moment I considered them a family.”

“I started wondering how they had ended up there. The first thought was that they had been dumped. The two older dogs seemed OK but the puppy was very malnourished. I took my pictures, but I couldn’t leave them like this, so I drove home, gathered water and food and drove back. They drank the water and ate the food very fast. You could tell they were hungry.”

“I started feeding and bringing them water every evening”

“I felt happy I could help this once and I started wondering how they would spend the night. Clearly the street is not safe for dogs, so I started thinking about ways to help them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take them home, because we already have 7 dogs. So I posted in the Facebook group ‘Curaçao Pets Lost and Found’. Maybe they ran away and someone is missing them. I contacted some dog rescue organizations in Curaçao. As expected they were all full. I posted on my Facebook profile and asked neighbors and friends if they would take them. I offered to cover the expenses. Still there were no offers to take them, so I started feeding and bringing them water every evening.”

“I could not sleep at night because I kept thinking about all the bad things that could happen at night and me not being there to help them. Every day I drove there I was anxious to see if they were still there and doing OK under the circumstances. Every time as soon as I saw them and the puppy, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I thought ‘OK, they survived one more day’. What kept impressing me was the interaction between mother and pup. I have never seen such a strong bond. Like I said, it was almost human like and I thought if they get rescued I wouldn’t want them to get separated.”

“After a week, I received help”

“After a week I got the great news from CARF, that they would help. They asked if I would be able to rescue all three and bring them to them. Fortunately I was able to do that, I made arrangements and was ready for the rescue a week after I discovered them. I didn’t have dog crates or sedatives. The night before I planned the rescue, and prepared what I would need. I started going over the plan and also created a plan B. That night I didn’t sleep because I kept playing different scenarios through my mind.”

“Come morning, I went with my brother. I took some water and food. The rescue went fairly smooth. I grabbed the puppy first and we put him in the car. I brought collar and leash for the two adult dogs. After some coaching, I put the collar and leash on both of them and we took them to safety. This loving dog family is now under CARF’s care. This was one happy ending and three dogs are now off the street, but there are so many more on the streets out there for whom there will be no rescue or for whom the rescue will be too late. I just hope that someday this problem will be taken care of. I’m sure we can do better as a society.”

“Thank you CARF. Words cannot express how grateful I am of the work you do. What I do once in a while, you do every day. I really hope one day soon, things will be easier due to the proper laws being applied, more supervision, more information and education, all in favor of the welfare of all animals.”

Donate and support this Dog Family

We have named the father dog Micco, the mother dog Moura, and their puppy is called Mooney. All three are aviation-related names. If you would like to support this dog family of three, it would be greatly appreciated. Every single donation, no matter how small, is very appreciated and needed.

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Photographer Eduardo Rescues Dog Family Of Three near Curaçao Airport Photographer Eduardo Rescues Dog Family Of Three near Curaçao Airport Photographer Eduardo Rescues Dog Family Of Three near Curaçao Airport Photographer Eduardo Rescues Dog Family Of Three near Curaçao Airport

Dog family of three in the car.  Dog family of three rescued!