Family rescued at Caracasbaai
Today we want to introduce you to not one, not two but three more mouths to feed and more medical bills to pay. But these dogs are now safe and off the streets, and that is the important thing! Here is their story…

This little pack of three were living and scavenging for food near the Caracasbaai. They would be fed once in a while by local beachgoers but the male dog in particular, was in dire need of help. Our first goal was to secure the male dog, then go back later for momma and her pup. We managed to rescue the male around twilight and planned to go back for the momma and her pup the next day. However they were nowhere to be found. We feared the worst! Were they injured, poisoned…?

Injured Momma

After 2 days of searching near the Caracasbaai, they were located hiding underneath a container. Momma was injured and puppy would not leave her side. In this timeframe, it is presumed Momma was hit by a car because upon getting a better look at mom, we noticed many deep scrapes and scabs around her face and upper body. She was taken to the clinic right away to get medical attention. X-rays showed a dislocated hip! She was sedated and the vet put her hip back in the socket and taped it in place. Her wounds were cleaned up and treated topically and she is currently getting antibiotics and painkillers for her injuries. We have another vet appointment scheduled for her 10 days from now to have X-rays taken and to discuss a further treatment plan.
Her puppy was very fearful and difficult to secure but she is also safe and getting treatment. And last but not least, poor dad! This sweet guy is heavily emaciated and has severe anemia due to ehrlichiosis (karpattenziekte). On top of that, he has a bad hip due to an old injury and not bearing weight.
All three have been given tick & flea treatment and full dewormers. They are being treated for tickborne disease, and provided with good nutrition and supplements to help with their anemia. Both the male and female are on painkillers.

Support our Caracasbaai Family

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