Today, we want to introduce you to Bronco―one of our latest rescues. Our volunteers first spotted Bronco a while back but he wasn’t going to let us catch him easily. Well, you know what they say, three times the charm. At our third attempt, we were able to catch him and bring him to see the vet.

And we’re glad that we did because Bronco had a serious fracture in his heel that required surgery. Before the vet could operate on him, Bronco first needed to recover from an infection. Together with the vet, we closely monitored Bronco’s health to ensure that he was strong enough for the orthopedic surgery. The combination of antibiotics, pain relief, and lots of rest helped to bring down his inflammation. Last Friday, this sweet boy went into surgery and we’re happy to announce that he is now on his road to recovery!

So far, Bronco is doing well. He already had his bandages changed, we’ve seen him putting a bit of strain on his leg, and he seems to be in good spirits.

But his bloodwork, vaccinations, microchip, orthopedic surgery, medications, pain relief, and follow-up appointments with the vet are racking up our bills. We desperately need help to raise funding to get this sweet boy back up on his feet and, ultimately, ready for adoption. If you can donate towards Bronco’s recovery, even if it’s just one dollar, euro, or guilder, we would be so grateful:

❤️ Tikkie
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