Emilia rescued

Sometimes we’re lost for words, like in the case of Emilia, one of our latest rescues. WARNING ― distressing images!

Emilia was found tucked away in the Curaçaoan mondi (an area of wild growth, the bushes). She was sick and dying, and resembled a bag of bones rather than a dog. The person who found her wanted to help, but didn’t have the means to do so. So instead of getting better, Emilia actually got sicker as time went on. That’s when we were contacted. We stepped in, and took her to our vets at Claus Clinic for immediate treatment and advice.

She didn’t have a name yet, but we decided to name her Emilia (meaning: strength). Emilia is currently in critical condition. When she was first brought in, we weren’t even sure if she would make it through the night. But she did, and we’re going to do everything that we can to save her. Please help us give Emilia the life she deserves. She will require lots of TLC as well as medical care to help her get better. She did not deserve such fate, but with your help, we can change her destiny. No donation is too small. Please, let’s not let her down.

Donate to help Emilia

We’re going to do our utmost best to give Emilia a second chance in life. But we can’t do it without donations from our friends and supporters. So please, if you can miss a few Dollars, Euros, guilders etc. you will help her get back on her feet. Even a little donation goes a long way! You have several options to donate:

  • Donate from Curaçao: 
    • Maduro & Curiel’s Bank: 21199501. Address: Beshiweg #1 (SWIFT/BIC Code = MCBKCWCU)
    • Banco di Caribe: 30164750000110001. Address: Beshiweg #1 (SWIFT/BIC Code = BDCCCWCU)
  • Donate from abroad: 
    • We accept donations through PayPal. Our email address is stichtingcarf@gmail.com.
  • Donate from The Netherlands: You can donate using this Tikkie link (this link is valid till July 30th, 2020).
  • Donate from Canada: Contact us at stichtingcarf@gmail.com for our Canadian bank account details.

About CARF (Curacao Animal Rights Foundation)

Founded in 2008, CARF is the oldest hands-on no-kill stray rescue organisation on Curaçao, a Caribbean island about 35 miles/56 kilometres off the coast of Venezuela. Since its founding, the non-profit has rescued thousands of animals. CARF receives zero government funding and relies solely on the generosity of volunteers, donations, and sponsors.


WARNING ― distressing images! Poor baby, she almost looks more dead than alive.

Emilia Poor baby. We took Emilia to see our vet. Emilia at the vet. Emilia at our vet. Poor Emilia. Poor Emilia. In desperate need of help. Poor Emilia.