We can’t say it enough: IT’S IMPORTANT TO SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR DOG! Why? Here’s why:

1.     Your dog will have a better chance in life. According to research, a male neutered dog lives 18% longer than un-neutered male dog. A female spayed dog lives 23% longer.

2.     Less chance of your dog wanting to roam outside of your property, getting into fights with other dogs, car accidents, and other dangers on the street. The chances of fighting with your other dogs in your garden will be much smaller.

3.     Neutered male dogs have smaller chances of getting testicular and prostate cancer.

4.     Un-spayed female dogs have a greater chance of developing Pyrometra (fatal uterine infection), uterine cancer, and cancer in the reproductive organs.

5.     Clinical evidence indicates that female dogs spayed before their first heat are typically healthier.

6.     Male un-neutered dogs are more prone to urine marking their territory. Even some female dogs present this behavior.

7.     Some dogs are more aggressive when not neutered. Aggressiveness can put you and your family’s life in risk. Some cases of dog aggression have led to people putting their dog down or dumping him or her in a shelter.

8.     Curaçao has approximately 90.000 strays and about 150.000 (human) inhabitants.  This means that there are 0.6 dogs for every human on the island. Isn’t that too many? Theoretically, in six years, one un-spayed female dog and her un-spayed offspring can produce 67,000 dogs.

Now I’m sure you want to say, “ but spaying and neutering can be expensive!”

We agree with you that it’s too bad vets don’t do it for free, but you have to understand that they have their expenses too. Let us explain the following to you:

If all the 8 facts above don’t move you enough to bring your dog to the vet, then take the following into account:

  • Caring for a female pet with reproductive cancer or Pyometra can cost thousands of guilders. And NO, it’s not acceptable to dump your sick dog on the streets if you can’t care for her.
  • An unaltered dog is more likely to roam outside of your garden and break things not belonging to you, so you might be held responsible for his or her acts. And yes, it is YOUR responsibility!
  • You will end up replacing your couch after your sweet male dog enjoys urine marking it.
  • Your dog getting into a car accident, the vets bills you’ll have to pay, or what’s even worse, losing your dog because of that.
  • Having to put your dog down because he bit your neighbor while he was busy doing the humpty dumpty with the sexy female dog next door.
  • The vet bills you’ll have to pay after your dog gets into a fight (stitches, antibiotics, etc.) and NO, just putting on some aloe doesn’t always do the job.
  • The extra (temporary) costs for puppy food and vet costs when your female dog gets a litter of puppies. And NO, it’s not okay to dump a pregnant dog or a mother dog with pups on the street. Would you do that to your wife? Uhm, please don’t answer that!
  • Having a fit and healthy looking dog. Why put your female dog through those extra fattening kilos and teabag teats? There’s no need for your female dog to get pups, CARF has enough dogs up for adoption if you want to expand your family. You can always pick one out of the 90,000+ strays.
  • Now for the ladies, let’s be honest. We often judge a guy by his clothes, shoes, car, money, and overall looks. Did you ever say no to a guy because you don’t like the look of his round jewels? And for you guys, nu-uh we don’t judge you on that! YOUR MALE DOG WILL BE JUST AS ROBUST WITHOUT HIS BALLS.
  • A lot of people think that a dog hasn’t had fun in his life when he or she isn’t allowed to do the humpty dumpty at least once in his or her life. Well let’s break that down:  THEY ARE NOT LIKE HUMANS. For dogs it’s just instinct, not fun. And trust us, a dog is just as happy with a toy or a juicy bone to chew on, spending time with you as family members, going for walks or swimming.
  • And even if you don’t care for all of the above, CARF has enough to do on a daily basis. So at least neuter or spay your dog for us!

Please make an appointment at the vet and get it done with! It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your pet.